Quick yet essential tips to learn surfing in Caloundra today

Caloundra is a perfect place to learn surfing during your vacation. The coastal town has many beaches, such as the coastal suburb of Dicky Beach, with waves for surfers on different skill levels. However, you can learn how to surf with ease by finding a Beerburrum Street Dicky Beach accommodation near the shore.

Yes, surfing on small gentle waves for beginners seems easy. But you still need to know a few points so you can properly ride the board. These guides can help you learn how to surf effectively in just a short time. Moreover, it helps avoid injuries and body pains as well.

Learning to ride the surfboard during your Caloundra getaway

Begin by booking a beachfront accommodation in Caloundra, such as a unit in Surfside One Currimundi property, so you can easily reach the shore. Then, follow these guidelines towards your first surfing lessons:

1. Find a beach suitable for beginners

Look for a beach where you can learn how to surf. Caloundra has many options all over its coast, such as Dicky Beach and Kings Beach, which has consistent small waves for beginners. Don’t simply choose a beach where expert surfers flock. Such beaches are frequented by big surfs which require advanced surfing skills.

Also, find a patrolled beach for your safety. In Dicky Beach, for example, Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club operates to ensure the safety of beachgoers in the area. They can help when you encounter any accidents while surfing. And you can easily reach a patrolled area when you stay in a Beerburrum Street Dicky Beach accommodation.

2. Find an instructor you can trust

Yes, you can learn to surf on your own, but you can learn better and faster when you hire an instructor to guide you. They can help you learn how to surf within a few days of your stay in the town, or even help you grasp the basics within a day.

Thankfully, surf schools are available all over Caloundra which accommodate seasoned surfing instructors. You can even find some offices in Bulcock Street Caloundra CBD. Just book lessons for beginners, or connect with them before visiting Caloundra.

3. Choose the right surfboard

Be sure to carry a soft-top board before you hit the sea. This kind of surfboard is large enough to give enough buoyancy, helping you find your balance and surfing style. Many beginners choose shorter boards because it looks cool. That’s definitely a big mistake since shorter boards demand advance surfing expertise.

If you’re staying in a Beerburrum Street Dicky Beach accommodation, you can find some surf shops to buy the right boards. Moreover, you can also rent a surfboard right at Dicky Beach.

4. Remember a few basic skills

Surfing requires basic skills regardless of the style you will develop sooner. This includes finding the right balance on the board and bending your knees while keeping your back straight up. Also, learn how to paddle appropriately to move the board and be sure to avoid paddling parallel to the waves, so the waves won’t push you back to the shore.

These are points to remember when planning to learn surfing. When you go back to Caloundra for another getaway, you can play with bigger surfs and enjoy the sports on a higher level.

Just remember to find the best accommodation so you can learn surfing with lesser hassles. Check out Pumicestone Chase units, or visit https://henzells.com.au/buying/property-display/1-bedroom-unit-dicky-beach,3712 to find your ideal beachfront apartments today.