Sleeping Disorders and Why You Need a Psychologist

It’s a scientific fact that sleep is necessary to recharge the brain which is vital in learning and making memories. The effects of lack of enough sleep have been tested over the years with some resulting into car crashes, poor work performances as well as problems with the moods and relationships as a whole among people. Even worse, continued lack of sleep eventually results into higher risk of blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, depression among other things. Experts in fact agree that people need to have a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night so that their optimal mental as well as physical health can be maintained. There are many things still that can result to poor sleeping habits and some of them include depression, anxiety, trauma, and even a life transition. When such disturbances continue to come in the way of sleep, it may result to mental health conditions or even put one to risk of substance abuse. Before it escalates to bigger problems, it is necessary that you seek help from a sleep psychologist Melbourne market has today as these professionals are trained to offer support as well as solutions for some of the sleeping disorders.

This article takes a look at the deep concerns in sleeping disorders…


According to fifth edition of the diagnosis and statistical manual, sleep disorders include insomnia, breathing related sleep disorders, restless legs syndrome, when you have medically induced sleep disorders, nightmares among others. These disorders are mostly as a result of somebody developing a pattern of behavior that interferes with sleeping habits that are good. Some of the uniform characteristics with these disorders are that they lead to poor quality of sleep, insufficient sleep among other things.

Why you need to see a sleep psychiatrist

It’s very advisable that a person facing any sleeping disorder visits a professional because they are able to identify the medical issues that underline their sleeping disorders and also treat them. Additionally, it will be of help in helping to address the sleeping problems. What’s more? A person will be able to better manage their thoughts, feelings as well as emotions that interfere with their sleep. Further, a sleep psychologist Melbourne has today is well trained and therefore possesses the necessary skills that are relevant to restoring the sleeping habits of an individual. One will get an opportunity to vent on their frustrations which may be quite significant in helping to identify the underlying causes that lead to sleep interference.

Tips for better sleep

Some of the things that the psychologists advise to restore great sleeping habits include creation of a sleep environment that’s relaxing like switching off the lights and electronics, avoid discussing or dealing with stressful situations right before bed, forming a sleeping schedule, limiting naps and maintaining a regular exercising routine.

While many people do not realize it, when you are unable to sleep as should, you are facing a disorder and therefore need to get checked by a sleep psychologist Melbourne has.

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